47 Responses to “12 Year Old Monster Truck Driver”

  1. Anthony Donker

    Look at all the ignorant hillbilly adults talking shit about a 12 year old girl… You all mad she still has all her teeth? Or are you just jealous that she drives something you could never afford no matter how long you save your food stamps?? Or are you all just pissed off adult family members who she shot down when you tried to make a pass at her? Filthy scumbags….


    I honestly hated this a girl that doesnt know how to drive she couldnt even figure out how to smoothly press the gas and you let her take it and she flips it

  3. Pat Rigdon

    That is awesome. My dumb crayon eatin ass was struggling to ride a bicycle around that age. Shes driving a damn mud-truck! HAHAHA . Very cool


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