TAKE a look at the world’s longest monster truck that stretches for 32 feet and is worth 1 million dollars. The Sin City Hustler stands 12 feet tall and roams the desert of White Hills, Arizona, just 45 minutes outside Las Vegas. Seating up to 12 passengers and weighing around 15,000lbs, the perfect party truck was designed and built by owner Brad Campbell, 38, whose wife Jennifer, 31, plays a key part in organising and running daily tours for people to enjoy inside the truck.

Videographer / director: Brad and Jen Campbell
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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27 Responses to “$1M ‘Sin City Hustler’ Is World’s Longest Monster Truck”

  1. Scott Bott

    They say they're professionals. They estimated 3 months to build but it took 15 months. That doesn't sound like a professional estimate.

  2. jay long

    I don't trust a woman that drives a truck let alone a monster truck let alone a limousine monster truck male ego just won't allow it


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