8 Responses to “2004 USHRA Monster Trucks – Montreal, QC – Freestyle Part 3”

  1. Gio Trapani

    Brian barthel unfortunately wasn’t able to go for a freestyle title at the world finals as he was forced out of the sport by clear channel, for supposedly getting parts from clear channel & selling them, the selling part I don’t even believe I think it was someone on his team selling them, I mean how many drivers have gotten away with that other than Brian barthel. Feld nowadays are very shady they fired that one driver of soldier fortune after a clip of her past was uploaded on world star hip hop’s website. & Ami houde was kicked out due to her run in with the law there just shady over there at feld, I mean they only come to Detroit my hometown once a year it’s stupid they come to anaheiem like 4 times a year & Raymond James stadium like 3 times a year. Why can’t Detroit just have two different two night shows one in late January or early February, & late March.

  2. Gordon Ritchie

    These judges must be high. How the hell that maximum destruction got a 26 for filling the entire clock? How the hell did Monster Mutt get a 27 for not filling the clock? How the hell did the first monster truck get a 7 for filling the entire clock? THIS IS STUPIDITY!!! ?

  3. Da Whiteman

    WTF? a 26 for an awesome run and a 30 for a good run, a 28 for barely filling half the time and a 7 for filling the clock? SCORE THE RUNS RIGHT!

  4. hatebreeder67

    this is disguisting. those judges pretty much insalted the entire event. i would like to know what looney bin these judges came from. cause that was the worst scored event ive ever seen. great highlights though. much appreciation for uploading this!


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