It’s part mud…part dirt…mix in some water and you have the recipe for one very fun run.

Saturday morning, thousands will get down and dirty at the 2nd Annual JCB Mud Run.

“The people that were in charge of designing the course this year must of had a sinister side,” said Karen Quinn, General Manager of Marketing and Communications for JCB. “There are some real tough addition to this years race.”

Wednesday afternoon, WJCL/WTGS Sports Anchor and Reporter Stefanie Frerotte and Intern Randi Friess were delegated to the dirty duty. The two ladies joined several employees of JCB on a run through the course.

“I had no clue what I was getting into when I came to WJCL to intern,” said Friess.

What she and the others got into was a mess.

The 2013 JCB Mud Run is a 4.3 mile course that features over 20 obstacles for participants to go through.

All the proceeds from the race will go to benefit The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development. Last year $115,000 was raised.

Something new this year, spectators can donate $10 to the The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development to eat and drink all they want at the run’s after party, that will also feature live bands.

Runners have until Thursday, June 13th to register online for the Mud Run. The event is set for Saturday, June 15th.

To sign up for the race or to volunteer to help out go to


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