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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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  1. you should to keep the original taz on the race

  2. Reptoid vs blaze: reptoid never touched it 9:41

  3. Max d got stuck with the car he didn't hit vs grave digger grave digger hit first

  4. What about max d and rasing cane

  5. I like how blaze spines though

  6. I’m not sure why max D was beaten by blaze

  7. How many monster trucks cars in Cars do you have

  8. Max D didnt hit the finish in rd 3. The car blocked it

  9. 11 minutes technically grave digger won cus max-ds wheels hit that blue car and never hit the noodle

  10. Grave digger won against max d with the plastic tires because the blue car stoped max d

  11. If it was a real Monsters Trucks race it was going to be cool, but that reminds me a lot about childhood

  12. How this has a million views astonishes me

  13. blaze is plastic the others are metal

  14. This was Awesome to watch!
    Now I’m off to Walmart to grab some Monster Trucks!

  15. Oh my God blaze won I said that in mid video

  16. Blaze and the monster mahshens

  17. Dagate a wanted the dinosaur to win

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