10 Responses to “2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:64 Scale Case M Review!!”

  1. MonsterJamOCD

    I took apart Chewbacca and it turns out the entire casting is dense. There's very little cutting unlike other trucks. They left a hefty amount of the die-cast in that specific truck. Even the front bumper is a metal insert! Demo Derby is my favorite truck of 1:64 2019 for sure. Can't wait to see who the mysterious #42 is!

  2. Joshua Wylie

    Hey Driver's Ed I think that hotwheels was going to release a monster truck called iron spider then we also have the red hulk too!!..

  3. de dominator5503

    I would love to see hw do more box trucks such as the cool one, quick bite and bread box as well as roller toaster just to give dairy delivery some company with van designs

  4. de dominator5503

    Town hauler and invader has to be the 2 best demolition derby decos I've ever got also I find the motosaurus reskin better then the previous motosaurus release

  5. Bryan Bay

    Would've been cool if they make other Nickelodeon monster trucks such as:
    My life as a teenage robot
    Tuff puppy
    Patrick star
    Mr. Krabs
    Danny phantom
    Other Nickelodeon shows


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