Tried climbing a hill on my Honda Rubicon and I messed up and ended up taking a face full of handlebars. I chipped two of my teeth and bit through my lip and had to get stitches. I should have been wearing a full face helmet instead of one of those goofy half helmets, but you live and learn I guess. Be safe and learn from my mistake!

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The Monster Turck Beach Bash in Wildwood New Jersey. This year event featured some of the big names in Monster Trucks competion. Big Foot with Rick Long, The Eradicator with Andy Slifko, Viper with Rich Blackburne, Instigator with Paul Breaud
and BackDraft with Jeremy Slifko. These Monster Trucks drivers put on a great show for fans that came to the event in Wildwood New Jersey. Highlights of this video are the performances of the Eradicator, Viper, Backdraft and Hurricane Force. With Big Foots Rick Long talking about the teams shop and setup.

This video was created by Rusty Huston of Infinite Wisdom Visual Effects, for Ballyhoo Video Production. The video was shot at the Monster Truck Beach Bash in Wildwood New Jersey. Its one fo the September Events in the Wildwoods. Stay tune for our videos of the Boardwalk Classic Car Show, and the Sunset Lake Hydrofest, High speed racing on Sunset lake in Wildwood Crest New Jersey.

Monster Truck Beach Bash video was created using Adobe After Effects CS6 software. Other software tools include Trapcode particular and Knoll Light Factory.

The video was shot using a Panasonic 900m by Rusty Huston of Infinite Wisdom Visual Effects.


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Ok we are going to try to get back on posting every 3 hours. So here is some atv gameplay . I might do more with these mods later! Thanks for watching!

This is the Most Brutail ATV Fails we could find. From Quad Bike jump fails to painful ATV Crashes and ATVs in water and mudd. We have it all covered in this .

The on going debate which one is more fun 4×4 or Sport ATV? We rock both! Mud, sand, full throttle. 2nd channel: .

This ride is just a Sunday ride for something to do! Get people together and make some fun! The ice was getting punky on the mud holes so it was breaking .


If you have ever attempted any of these things… you might be a Redneck! Here are some of the best southern and country fails that have been submitted to AFV! There is nothing more charming than someone from the south!


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