The monster trucks roll into the South with big names such as Nitro Circus and Mopar Magic burning up the floor. Megasaurus, JetCart, RC Trucks, and Sprocket the Clown add to the fun! All from the USC Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC!

Sorry for the shaky camera footage in the beginning. It was cold inside at first. Plus my camera is sensitive to motion. It is not shaky much for the rest of the video. Also, the reason some clips are not in HD is because my battery was dying, so I borrowed some of my friend Kayla’s footage while I saved the battery in my camera.


Bikes N Beers participated, once again, in one of our favorite races of the year, the Marine Mud Run. This race is put on by the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Marine Corps League, detachment No. 924 in Knoxville, TN. They put on a fabulous race. This is a charity event for Toys for Tots


This is mud run 2 keep a look out for mud run 3 soon maybe in 2 days!

All the trucks are from the steam workshop!

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Baby Media – Super kids on bicycles pull trucks, train is a kid video about kid toys. today, we have some nice kid toys: trains, trucks, bicycles. some cute and super kids ride on the bicycles. they are very strong. the bicycles pull trucks and trains. and now, welcome here and play kid toys together.
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I ran the Tough Mudder last April with my dad, my brother, and some of our close cousins. It was in Mannsfield, OH, and we had such a great time. After we ran it, Jason and Chrystan (two of the cousins that ran with us), had two sons that were very disappointed they couldn’t run the Mudder also. They were in 2nd and 3rd grade at the time. Instead of making them wait until they were 18 to run, Jason and Chrsytan built a smaller course at their home. The kids had some friends over and ran it as a part of the kids birthday party. However, word spread about the course, and by the time Jason and Chrystan set up to have another one the following year, they ended up with 60-plus kids at their front door hoping to join in on the fun. My friend Abbie and I showed up with video cameras and were able to film this awesome event.

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Monster Trucks Freestyle Harrisburg Pa 2019 2pm

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The nights are below freezing now. It was -6c last night. Today it was only +6c so the ground is getting harder. Much of the water is gone and what is left still had ice on it at 2pm lol. Those first few runs were much fun. Lookin’ forward to rippin’ in the snow with this bad boy :o) It’s possible there may be another mud run, depending on temps and wether or not we get more rain in the plus temps.
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