This video is a montage of clips taken with my head mounted GoPro Hero camera at the Survivor Mud Run in Bunnell, Florida on October 13, 2012. The scenes are not in the actual order of events, except for the first few and the last few. Not shown are numerous obstacles that were simply shin deep, very slippery mud.
The cow patty scene is just some visual evidence of the constant poop along the Survivor Mud Run path.
Maybe, just maybe, the Survivor people should study the location before they choose it.
They could also pump up the challenge level on the nonmud obstacles.
It was fun, but pretty tame … bovine borne pathogens aside.



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Monster Jam Opening Weekend 2016 –
Des Moines, Iowa
Wells Fargo Arena
Saturday Night Show, 7:30 PM 1/2/2016

I want to say great effort from the teams at this show. A lot of trucks experienced breakage and everybody managed to get back together to run, a truck in 2wd or 3wd is better than being short a truck. Major kudos on this end, otherwise this could have been a 5 truck show at night’s end.

This is the Winning Freestyle run from Saturday night. Devin Jones in Barbarian put on a good show and definitely deserved the Freestyle win. Devin was positioned next to last (prior to Gravedigger) for each of his runs during the night, a big sign in my opinion that Monster Jam thinks highly of Barbarian.

Can’t say that I am a huge fan of the “center lump” for arena shows. Makes combo moves nearly impossible and the air just isn’t big any more. As a fan of big air, and understanding what big air is in an arena environment – I may think twice about next year’s show.