When they say Wild mud run, THEY MEAN IT!! I have never encountered or battled through so much mud in my LIFE!! The weird part though, is I really enjoyed it! It was the BEST obstacle course race I have done to date!! The obstacles were really varied, challenging, fun, and it was great to see every body who were mostly complete strangers, helping each other through each obstacle.

X-Runner is a 5km Obstacle course race near Alton Towers consisting of 34-38 obstacles per lap. (yes I said LAP) as if you do the 10km its 2 laps meaning a whopping 70+ obstacles in one race. It was amazing! and I would recommend it to anyone.

Me and Jason are also doing the other 2 X-Runner runs in July and September so keep watching.

X Runner Wild Warrier 2017

X Runner Water Wipeout:

Mudd Queens can be found at the following:
Start Line
11:43 helping people out of mud
12:35 giving muddy hugs
13:00 wading through mud
13:20 stuck in the mud
18:56 Mud queen with pig tails in mud
19:01 mud queen again

X runner website:

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