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This is a mini mud run nothing to much riding with people who didnt have mud tires so couldn’t do much


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We visit the monster truck juggernaut, Monster Jam that has come to South Africa for the very first time. Eight of the world’s most famous Monster Jam Trucks will be going head to head at the Cape Town Stadium.

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LPPT Fitness Group endeavoured a Tough Mud Run Bath on 01.10.2017 at Eastnor Castle Near Ledbury, Herefordshire – U.K. They had to climb/crawl/run through the Land Rover Testing Facilities at the grounds of the enchanting Eastnor Castle.

They get dirty, nasty & messy but have a bunch of fun and each came home with a Medal. Recorded on #GoPro – Take a look at their amazing day out!


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Fun Educational Game – Let’s Play Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2 #8
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If your kids love all things monster trucks, Then they will love this game! Monster Trucks racing game for young kids and toddlers!

Designed for young Children and toddlers between ages 2 to 8 years old, Simple controls to drive the monster trucks along the course. the truck never flips ensuring your child always gets to the finish line!

Race against other trucks, Which slow down when they are ahead, to give your child the best chance of winning each race!

Fun big buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change the music track for lots of fun sounds.

Crush the cars along the course with the monster machines, Collect stars, Fireworks and balloon popping are at the end of each level to give more excitement to the kids playing.

There is 4 mini games included.
Balloon Pop
Memory Cards
Coloring pages

With 15 cool looking monster trucks across 42 levels to blaze across, will create hours of fun for your toddlers.

Monster Trucks Kids Game helps your child understand the educational mechanics of using mobile and tablet devices. with puzzles, memory card and heaps of fun racing action.

* 15 Monster Trucks to choose from
* 42 Levels to play
* Fun Cartoon HD graphics
* 5 different kids music sound tracks for the child to switch between.
* Cute Monster trucks, engines, horns + much more vibrant sounds
* Balloon pop game & Fireworks at the end of each race.
* Mini Games such as Puzzles, Coloring pages, Memory Cards & Balloon Pop
+ much more.


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If you have ever attempted any of these things. you might be a Redneck. Here are some of the best Redneck fails that have been submitted this year so far.

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