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Today’s game is a important matchup for both teams. the Kansas City Chiefs vs the NY Giants. Winner advances and losing team goes in the bucket. Enjoy!


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Mini Warrior 2019 – Mini / Junior Warrior will feature at all events. Obstacle races designed specifically for adventure seeking children and families. Junior Warrior 1.5k or 3k for 4 to 12yrs and Teen / Family Warrior 5k for 12yrs and over, giving kids and families the chance to work as a team and experience the thrill of adventure.

XRunner the ultimate mud run and obstacle races, its muddy good fun. Tough Runner UK


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We montaged our JCB Mud Run footage from our GoPro keeping the best bits and doing away with the rest (by “the rest” we mean mostly the running) If you are looking to do this event next year we highly recommend it! and will most likely see you there for 2016 😉

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Climbing mount Chiliad in monster trucks is harder than it sounds!

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Kids ATV Races At Run What Ya Brung Indiana. Great day of mud racing with big trucks, as well as these little guys.
#powerwheels #carwarz #mudbogging

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STUCK IN THE MUD AT TRUCKS GONE WILD REDNECK YACHT CLUB 2019 | Saturday at the 2019 Trucks Gone Wild Redneck Yacht Club was a winner. ATV’s, side by sides, monster trucks, and anything on 4 wheels was playing and getting stuck in the mud. You will meet Tiffany who got stuck with her 4 wheeler. You will see more action from PrimeCutPro and AwesomeDocumentary, as well as plenty more muddy mayhem atr the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda, FL.

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