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Fall 2017 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Downhill drag racing – Double lanes!!! Watch our 2017 flag attachment collection race to the finish line on two side by side Hot Wheels Super Six Lane Raceways! That’s six monster jam trucks headed to the finish line at the same time!! As the winning trucks advance to the next round, eliminating the competition, the field of trucks gets smaller and smaller until only two of the fastest trucks from track one and two remain to face off in a first to win two of three race to determine the “King of the Hill” for this event!
Thanks to everyone that participated in the “Choose your ride” for this race, you guys make it way more fun and exciting to do these videos and it wouldn’t be the same without you guys!

Faster the Dragster is not sponsored by or affiliated with Hot Wheels, Monster Jam or Mattel.
If you have never seen a real “live” Monster Jam in your area, your missing out on a spectacular show! I recommend checking your local events to see if one will be in your area! – C.C.

Mattel Has been making some of the best Monster Jam trucks in 2017! You can find these trucks (while supplies last) in your local toy stores and department stores in your area!

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