Part 5 with video from the 8 cylinder class during the August 2017 Truck Mud Run.
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Hello, friends! Check out – we got a new Compilation of two episodes of our Monster Truck Cartoon Videos for kids with Bambo-Jambo!

Here is one more episode of Cartoon about Monster Truck Construction and preparing them for the races. Don’t you know what Monster Truck is? It is a huge vehicle, which is called “monster” because of its really large wheels. Last time we built Monster Trucks for a Fire Brigade and Police Department, but in this educating video for kids, Bambo-Jambo and you are going to watch a Cartoon Compilation about the construction of these both Monster Trucks! What will happen if we will put these huge wheels on the Police Truck and a Fire Brigade’s Truck? You will get an awesome and really HUGE Monster Truck which can ride anywhere with these wheels! Moreover, today you are going to take part in two Monster Truck Races between two Police Monster Trucks and two Fire Brigade Monster Trucks which we are going to build together again with Bambo-Jambo like in previous episodes!

Our construction videos are intended for both boys and girls, because in fact, all the kids like playing with construction sets as well as all kids like watching cartoons. Enjoy our cartoon videos for children about vehicles and especially about Monster Trucks!
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Here you can see more of Monster Truck videos for kids soon!

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