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So apparently this is called “Hambone”. Or else BODY PERCUSSION, percusion corporal, or body drumming.
I call it “anatomical percussion”, or more simply “slapping and spanking myself”. Instead of beatboxing, let’s call this MEATBOXING. Which is cool, because it sounds kinda kinky and weird.
It get can get REAL lonely in the trailer during those long Arkansas nights. A guy needs to keep himself amused. Especially since his wife *cough* sister *cough* started working the night shift down at the pig-grease plant. (Okay, no real offence intended. Just taking the piss out of a stereotype character. This is supposed to be comedy. Sorry about the cheesy accent. Need to practice that. If you’re a resident of Shitsville, Arkansas or the surrounding counties, feel free to post a response of the actual accent.)
And yeah, I know I’m dead sexy. But feel free to tell me anyway, if you must. Especially if you’re naked. And not my sister.


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Jaxon is preparing for Monster Jam when the come to Kansas City on June 15th so he memorized the names of the trucks! #monsterjam #monstertrucks #hotwheels #familyvloggers #kidvideos #hotwheelsmonstertruck

Get the same monster trucks as Jaxon below:


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We are Not the Dirty Dash!
We Are the 4th Annual Tater Dash Mud Run!
Idaho’s premiere mud run, Eagle Idaho