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Lucca and Brayden from BLBadventures go down to Monster Jam in Austin Texas. This video shows the Monster Jam Freestyle, Monster Jam Racing, Monster Jam Donut Challenge, Monster Jam Two Wheel Challenge, ATV Speed Racing, & ATV Course Racing highlights from: Grave Digger, Jeckyl & Hyde, Soldier Fortune, Ramminator, Rammunition, & Scooby Doo

This action packed monster jam 2019 freestyle highlight video includes: monster jam freestyle, monster truck jumps, monster trucks in dirt, monster truck crashes, monster truck, monster truck donuts, and amazing monster truck action.

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ATV Quad endo stunt Fail, this guy needs more practice for sure.

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In this Monster Jam Monster Trucks Spin Master vs Hot Wheels Beach Freestyle video we will have a Spin Master Monster Jam vs Hot Wheels Monster Trucks freestyle championship. We will have awesome Monster Jam Freestyle action on the beach. There will be lots of backfilps, crashes and stunts. These monster trucks will go through the water! We will have Grave Digger, Bone Shaker, Megalodon and many more. Monster Jam monster trucks on the beach are awesome!


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Here is some footage from the Ottawa County Fair Mud Run. I hope u enjoy this video.


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Kids are playing on the beach with monster trucks and looking for sea animals, like a crab, horseshoe crab, seagull, shrimp, shells and have funny playtime. Funny activities for children who loves sea and playing with sand and cars on the beach.

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