From sitting under a precarious rock, to driving off and taking the gas station with you, here are 21 Examples of Stupid People Doing Stupid Things.

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7 – Poor Seating Choice
This rock has probably been resting on this hill for a very long time, which is why people don’t seem to be frightened to rest their weary bodies beneath its lofty shadow. But come on people! All that rock needs is a big gust of wind and splat! You and your little girlfriend would be smashed into two-dimensional characters! A couple drops of rain greasing that sandy terrain and smash! You and your lovely family are imprints in the dust. Take care where you choose to sit people, resting your legs is not worth your life!

6 – Shooting Your Eye Out
There are certain things in this world which stupid people have no business playing with, matches, explosives, and firearms to name a few. Here is a perfect example of what not to do when attempting to fire a gun. Yes, you may look hot and cute girl in pink, with your cute skirt and highlighted hair, but you may want to rethink holding that sight so close to your eyeball. Those riffles tend to have a wicked kick and recoil, if you fired a gun like this misinformed lady here, you might actually shoot your eye out!

5 – When Home Improvement Goes Wrong
This looks an awful lot like one of those hilarious home improvement Dad moments, when the wife gets home and looks at the work he’s gotten done remodelling around the house and then proceeds to just walk right back out that door. There’s no way those drawers can open from this stupid angle, could this really have been a carpenter’s mistake? Maybe this homeowner was a real jerk to the construction workers who were working on fixing their kitchen and this was their form of revenge. Because if the house came like this, then the real stupid person here, would be the buyer.

4 – Sunday Drivers
This guy has taken the idea of a relaxing sunday drive a little too far. First of all, that gear strapped to the back of his bike seems awfully shoudy, like one bungee cord could easily fall off in that wind any minute and careen into traffic. Then there’s the little matter of those sandals, those open toed plastic foot protectors are not the proper foot attire of a motorcyclist! And lastly, and this is a big one, Should your legs really be dangling like that! One leg leans a little too far and you could lose control of the bike! Or one bad slip and your exposed leg flesh could meet with the engine and that burn would be serious business.

3 – Driving with the Top Down
For many generations, people have been driving poorly and making terribly stupid decisions, while behind a huge vehicle, which could easily injure many. Now, what’s stupider here, driving with kids in your trunk, or, driving with kids literally popping out of your trunk and riding it like it was a backseat? Well, both, but from this angle, allowing these hitchhikers to ride trunk seems like it may have been a really stupid decision. It’s dangerous for the kids as well as the driver who clearly has their view obstructed and other drivers too, who will become distracted, plus have trouble seeing in front of them.

2 – Rainy Day Blues
Close but no cigar kid! First off, sandals in the rain is always a poor choice. Second, that bright red sweatshirt hanging off your shoulder might be better used if you actually wore it, rainy, windy and chilly cold days can lead to getting sick, and you just never know which germs you will get, and what cold you’re going to get infected with, so maybe, try wearing your jacket rather than trying to look cool with it. And last, but certainly not least, your umbrella would work a whole lot better if you tried opening it!

1 – Gas Fail Station
The worst part of this incredibly stupid picture, has to be, that this actually happens, way more than one might think, in fact, this doozy on the stupidity scale, actually happens all the time. Let’s play hypothetical! Let’s say you’re in a rush at the gas pump and you carelessly, accidentally forget to place the gas nozzle back on the machine, this happens, no big deal. But to actually drive off, to accelerate so quickly, reminder nimrod, you are still in a parking lot, without hearing or seeing anything amiss, to the point where you actually pull the gas machine free of its Earthly bindings? Now that sir, takes some super stupid skill. Bow down stupid people, for this man, is your king!


32 Responses to “21 Examples of Stupid People Doing Stupid Things”

  1. john ward

    Most welder don't weld or grind with a construction Hard hat in their own shop I am a welder and safety glasses and a welding bonnet is just fine I could see a construction hat if i was a high steel welder but this narrator would likely be shitting her self 20 stories up standing on a steel beam. Thank god for blind welder that got that way from years of welding.

  2. Chevin_xD

    Couldn't believe I'd see something from Germany but at 3:30 there it is our "Schilderwald" (which means "Sign Forest") and also it means to slow down because Road works ahead (tbh I can't explain the first 40 km/h sign)

  3. Gus Mueller

    as stupid as some of the examples were, what made it worse was the incredibly superficial and insight-free narration. i know you're catering to a mainstream audience of retards, but apply a little basic physics to, say, the example of the guy painting the ceiling on a leaning stepladder in a stairwell and you will see there is nothing wrong with it other than your stupid superstition about walking under ladders.

  4. Bud M.

    I got to about 4 1/2" and said screw this annoying bitch and shut it off. She's about as intelligent as some of the actors in these videos. What a STUNNED BITCH!!

  5. stillframe5

    nummber 1 people who watch fox news and take it seriously. Come on, how many freaking times are people going to be duped by loud idiots with a camera spouting propaganda. It's like a damn plot from a DC comic.

  6. N Z Z S

    It's as painful reading these ignorant ass comments as it was watching this ignorant ass video. 99% of you have no idea what the hell you're talking about in some of these replies.


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