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Hey guys! This time I’m bringing out my bag of extra Monster Jam trucks. These are my doubles and triples and… 8tuples! All these multiples are still loads of fun so I thought we could have a front flip battle and make a huge pile of crashed monster trucks! Good idea?

Thanks for watching this video and I can’t wait to give you more toy testing, surprise eggs and reviews from Toy Tester Tom!!

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PROWLER vs MONSTER MUTT Monster Jam Truck Set

MAX-D Monster Jam R/C Monster Truck

SILVER MOHAWK WARRIOR & PREDATOR Monster Jam Monster Trucks Hot Wheels

HIGHER EDUCATION 1:24 Scale Monster Jam Truck Grave Digger

VIRGINIA GIANT Classic Monster Jam Trucks

MONSTER JAM Front Flip Takedown Max-D Crushstation Monster Mutt Dalmatian Hot Wheels

DRAGON Monster Jam Rev Tredz Pirates Curse Crushstation

MONSTER JAM K’nex U.S. Airforce Afterburner Freestyle El Toro Loco Max-D

MADUSA & SAMSON Monster Jam Monster Trucks Hot Wheels


MONSTER JAM HOT WHEELS Big Screen Breakdown Mighty Minis Monster Mutt Dalmation

MONSTER JAM Tour Favorites Set #3 Grave Digger El Toro Loco NEA Police Monster Mutt

MONSTER JAM Dragon Blast Challenge Set Grave Digger Hot Wheels

SCOOBY DOO 1:24 Scale Monster Jam Truck

MONSTER JAM Grave Digger Transporter Rig Max-D El Toro Loco

MONSTER JAM MORPHERS Maximum Destruction & Grave Digger

MONSTER JAM SUPERSTORE Giant Toy Delivery #3 Gravedigger Bone Shaker Mohawk Warrior

MONSTER JAM K’nex Blue Thunder Freestyle Max-D

BACKDRAFT & SHOCK THERAPY Monster Jam Monster Trucks Hot Wheels

MONSTER JAM STO N’ GO ARENA El Toro Loco Grave Digger Max-D Zombie


SPEED DEMONS Monster Jam Trucks El Toro Loco Prowler Bad News

MONSTER JAM Mattel Hot Wheels Delivery #3 Grave Digger Team Hot Wheels Mohawk Warrior

MAX-D & CLEATUS Monster Jam Monster Trucks Hot Wheels

EL TORO LOCO Monster Jam Travel Treads Hauler

MONSTER JAM Tour Favorites Set #2 Mohawk Warrior Crushstation Team Hot Wheels Prowler

NORTHERN NIGHTMARE & CRUSADER Monster Jam Battle Slammers Hot Wheels

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All music and sound effects are from the Youtube Audio Library.


20 Responses to “26 MONSTER JAM Truck Front Flip Battle Grave Digger Max-D El Toro Loco Crushstation”

  1. Redstone Rampage

    Probably not, but can I have one of your extra Prowlers? I know you said you want to have a show with 10 of the same trucks, but I can't find that one anywhere. I'll trade you another Monster Mutt for a Prowler. Is that OK? 😐


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