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We’re finally back in BeamNG Drive for some Monster Truck action on the beach!
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Video Creator: Ed Soundhead
Editor: Ed Soundhead


49 Responses to “3 WHEEL SPECIAL!? | BeamNG Drive Monster Trucks”

  1. Angela Moore

    Yeah Monster Jam is back Eddy do more like 2 a week and the trucks can have the old school big wide tires in the customization settings


    37:43 maybe this is death row but instead of instantly killing the car the labotimise it but there still alive but cant move and have to watch as a mechanical monster runs over them anf ends their life

  3. Kodiak3

    I saw that predator at my old local short track when I was a kid. I was upset ‘cause it wasn’t the black and red predator 😂

  4. Camedic Racing

    Hey Ed, I started up my channel and I am going to be doing Stop Motion. I was wondering, can you advertise it, like featuring it in the next community post? We need to have at least 12 people, and we have 2. If so, Thank you!

  5. Kaiyo Sama

    Alright. imma just say this ok, forget the video. Who else hears that music where you could hear it when you watch an old day Xbox trolling video? If you are an OG, [Do not give me likes] [Only if you wanna] Just simply say so.. Because this is nostalgia for me. Oh also, Love Ed, ok bye

  6. Silver Ice

    Im not sure if anyone will see this comment, but where does soundhead get all of his mods and maps. i cant find any of these maps he does.


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