17 Responses to “32 REDNECK Repair Fail and Crazy Tuning Modification Compilation 2017 Part.13”

  1. Robert Valentin

    music is weird it to me sound gay the cars looks stupid the Toyota Camry 4×4 cool the rest ugly . Man those redneck are really stupid repairs some are unique the dumster cars is different that why they brain in a dumpsters the brain is size of mouse no clues at all what they doings making junk repairs no life lot of free time

  2. Ernest G. Bilko

    You know this is fucking YouTube? You know the video channel? Not the fucking photo slideshow channel. Why couldn't your mama have taken it in the ass the night you were conceived?

  3. casper. do it all

    some of these are just crashed cars big deal why would you even show crashed cars like they were modified to look like that come on now they're just f**** crashed cars you're supposed to show cars that are modified and look f**** retarded but the person thinks they are hot s*** not some crashed car that's not a modification at all


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