12 Responses to “94 REDNECK Repair Fail and Crazy Tuning Modification Compilation 2018 Part.158”

  1. Warren Smith

    7:12 is not a "redneck repair"… that device on the back is called a Wood Gasifier. They are running that bus off of woodgas (aka brown gas) instead of petroleum fuel. A Wood Gasifier that is correctly built and operated, will produce clean Wood Gas On Demand. Wood Gas is mainly a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Woodgas powered vehicles were even produced commercially here in the US in the past century. But like most other sustainable technologies (and especially energy), it was suppressed, and then the knowledge itself is suppressed until it has been nearly forgotten entirely. Then those who do still have knowledge of it, are considered to be on the "fringes" of society to say the least.

  2. offroad king

    2.14 was a tractor pull truck and the exhaust was like that so all the smoke wouldn’t be all up in the building its not a redneck truck

  3. URFreakinmeout2much

    A few of these vehicles are well done and could be considered art (very few that is) and others just make you scratch your head and yet others (or most) beg the question WHY?????????????????

  4. Ozzy Gilliam

    Why is everything redneck if you can fix your car for cheaper than buying the exact parts or going to a repair shop more power to you it just shows they have a more creative mind than the average person


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