26 Responses to “Aaron Lewis – Northern Redneck (Acoustic)”

  1. Robert Jordan

    You da man Boss Claus!!Like that
    comment.We might be Hillbilly's
    and rednecksand poor white trash
    but everybody puts their pants on
    just like we do.If it had a been for us mulskinner's they wouldn't made it
    to the Mississippi.

  2. Ki Swore

    But Arron I’m both! Ma from Florida and Dads from Minnesota! I’d rather die than live in a city, choke on smog, deaf from road noise and can’t see the stars at night or go months without wildlife.

  3. BossHoggJDK K

    don't forget about us northern California rednecks their are plenty of us and we're surrounded by shit tons of worthless pieces of shit but we ain't afraid to tell whoever doesn't like us to fuck off and we support Trump.Born and raised redneck from Santa Cruz California.

  4. Daniel Larsen

    The only country I listen to is outlaw and old school outlaw. Hank 3 and Aaron Lewis is best country music today. That shit you hear on the radio is not country. Hank 3 has a song about it. Look it up. Pop country really sucks! Anyone who says he's doing it for money is a joke.

  5. Craig Herbert

    Don't get me wrong this guy's a great musician and I totally get what he's saying here but it's just kind of funny when he says what YALL don't understand it's all about the Southern Man

  6. Dick Dozer

    Look up the true meaning of a Redneck. It’s an honor- they were proud Union coal miners so no scabs can have the honor of being a Redneck!

  7. kenyon suits

    Extreme southern Illinois here and let me tell ya, you step out my back door and it's two plus miles of woods to the river. We fly the stars and bars here and we're definitely not ashamed of where we come from.


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