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Comedy starring Delaney Ashley. A trailer park trash couple from Kentucky goes on vacation in London, England. The overly patriotic, brash and outspoken Randy Sterling horrifies “uppity Europeans” as he inflicts his Bible belt values and white trash culture on the unsuspecting British public.


19 Responses to “American Redneck in London "The London Night Life"”

  1. lcfc1985

    What a wanker, I notice ye threaten the man in the shop while walkin off thinkin 'oh shit' then punchin the air like the pussy ye r, id just catch ye punch while in the motion of returnin the favour but id make sure to connect n with a bit of luck knock ye the fuck out, oh shit who's the evil one it could be me so id better fuck off n get a cup o tea, this man is a complete joke n his girl looks like dogshit.

  2. ROGAN

    Yeah, that guy has got some front!
    I love the part he did at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park…He absolutely went for it! Most people were quite amused. No one wanted to debate him…In fact even there, there are people even more extreme then him…I love the part when he says about the Muslim in the robe, " My Daddies got one of those with a hood!"
    I general avoid being part of a herd…Whenever the English football fans came to Rome, I'd pretend I couldn't speak English!

  3. ROGAN

    Funny… but it's pretty normal to see headcases wondering around Camden. I didn't see many 'uppity Europeans'. Mostly just bemused foreigners.


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