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Your New compilation of American Rednecks has arrived!

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44 Responses to “American Rednecks Are Awesome! Funny Fail Compilation 2014”

  1. Egbert Hembree

    America in under attack y12 oak ridge Gogool buying 800billion lighting in a bodle is American eagl. Giffie words worth. Abc aerobic own contrall all communication purpose dis arm nukes all ready have atom like booms phones barriers stirail fine thin like for an ice. ? ? all nuke plants. Numbers are many twin tower boners generation kids teaching for this day. Either planes out of cal B7 gB8. Into nuclear plants or over take blow up . their inbeded in law gov school around 100miles of plants more of them but every were Islamic an French to stop our culture. God help us USA. LG is dragon ? fire. An ice. ? an ?. Y12oakride 52nd. Avery company out of cal an Illinois are major company's supports . egbertScott co tn

  2. tRonald Dump

    2:21 after washing his hands in the urinal he goes to wash them in the toilet bowl. what a retard. can't you see that the water is yellow?

    If these white trash want trump the white trash tycoon of New York, that's the trash they'll get, the trash they deserve. trash begets trash

  3. alex lagg

    all southern part of America is stupid as this. bunch fat/bearded/unwell dressed narrow minded living meats. i call them " Detroit ghetto hillbilly redneck cowboy yankee greengo honkey"


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