Comedy starring Delaney Ashley. A trailer park trash couple from Kentucky goes on vacation in London, England. The overly patriotic, brash and outspoken Randy Sterling horrifies “uppity Europeans” as he inflicts his Bible belt values and white trash culture on the unsuspecting British public.


21 Responses to “American rednecks in London “English Hospitality””

  1. Nekromortum

    I doubt it, how many people do you think actually got murdered in London last year? Less than 200- across a city of 8 million. That's not that many, and even areas like Hackney only have about 6 or 7 murders in a year, compare that to Compton California which is actually smaller and you'll see that the murder rate at least 5 times higher. Now I'm not saying that there aren't rough places in London, I 've been to some. But come on mate, beaten to death for a rude comment? Not likely.

  2. Nekromortum

    Are you British or American? Either way it's unlikely that you've experienced both countries ghettos. From what I know I'd agree that the ghettos of America are worse, but that doesn't mean that the average person from either country would do well in an English ghetto. A ghetto's a ghetto, and let's not forget that "ghetto people" from either nation would shit themselves in places like San Salvador and Caracas.

  3. JordonTheo

    You realize that he is acting ignorant and arrogant on purpose, right? That is how people from the south are portrayed in America, like arrogant "just give me a beer and a gun, and no foreigners" types. He is acting a part of a dumb hillbilly American, I don't understand why British people are upset about this. If he did this shtick in America he would also get told to fuck off.

  4. Steven James

    then NY Manhattan, and now I am living in Long Beach CA… I never had
    any problem in GB with people, and i have good friends there, but if u
    ask any tourist who have visited GB, and spent there more than 3 weeks,
    and the same in the US (and was white — I am not prejudice, bot sadly lot
    of people are, so you have to think of every situation), then most people will
    say British are more arrogant. I do not know how that wifes tale started that

  5. Steven James

    Americans are arrogant.. I think lots of people can not make a difference between
    nationalism, and arrogant. If somebody is proud of their own country, it is not a shame.
    But true, there are arrogant and prejudice people, but they are not the majority.
    So just don't hang out with them. Just ask yourself, aren't there
    as***les in your country. Trashy people are all around the world.

  6. lcfc1985

    Why only do it in posh parts of London, come my house n spout ye shit n get put straight down ye fuckin ponce, it's like me walkin round Beverley Hills with a camera n rippin every snob that I saw.
    Ye weak n probably got owned somewhere but forgot to post that 1 bitch.


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