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I take a look at the recently released Monster Jam Steel Titans, a game in which sometimes monster trucks do really strange and funny things.

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39 Responses to “An Honest Look At… Monster Jam Steel Titans”

  1. Dieselnaut Burkey

    I haven't bought one of these games sense monster jam: path of destruction. The main reason for me and my 8 and 10 year olds all feel that it doesn't feel real. The physics or lack there of in these games aren't fun. MJ Path had it right, making the player have to do things a specific way to try and pull tricks, and crashes (minus the respawning lol) all felt real. No tumble glitching, no hard disregard for how these trucks operate in air or on the ground. I really hope they go back to MJ Paths format in the next one! Great video, very informative.

  2. curtyos

    lmao ps2 and the xbox one… fail u realize the xbox one is current gen… i know what u mean just giving you hell lmao

  3. CorndogCrusader

    Honestly, I wish we had a REALISTIC Monster Truck game, sure, it might be really difficult, but the floaty weird physics aren't really my thing. 😣

  4. Coco Power

    this seems like a great arcade racer. however a simulation? absolutely not, the physics are some of the most unrealistic i have seen in a monster truck game.


    I have the PS2 Monster Jam game, but its the compact disc (you know, the ones with the blue undersides) and those are prominent in disc reading issues. I have 2 copies of MC1 and both aren't readable.

  6. Aaron Meacham

    Yeah the physics can be crazy but the game doesn’t really force you to do those crazy stunts. It is totally possible to drive the vehicles realistically in this game.

  7. Xander Vice

    I never really got into monster truck stuff, so this might be a dumb question; but it looks like the differential housing/subframe, whatever the actual name for this assembly is, pivots while the wheels turn, is this accurate to what actual monster trucks do? The concept is interesting, while suspension and driveshafts would become more complex, you could get an extremely tight turning radius out of this kind of setup. I wonder if the outer wheels still line up to the center point of the turning circle when the subframes turn; I know in the case of monster trucks and most off-roading situations, this won't matter, but if this was adapted to any situation where it would matter, how would proper angles be accomplished in this kind of setup?

  8. The RazoR

    You need to play the old ps2 game it's absolutly insane physics are better destruction is at another level it soo much fun playing it, this 2019 game is really boring compared to the old one

  9. Trey Hildesheim

    Thank You for doing this, I will def be avoiding this highly disappointing game. I wish we could get a proper MT game like a true spiritual successor to the Monster Truck Madness series, but with modern graphics and much more realistic/accurate physics and gameplay…

  10. Mystery Meat

    How can you make a Monster Jam game without the Pocatello, Idaho (ISU) arena?…
    It's the "Mecca" for finals, new stunts, and crazy shit.

  11. EmilGlockner

    It's not the air that causes airborne vehicles to rotate along the short axis. It is the change in momentum that does it. If you apply the brakes in mid-air, stopping the wheels from turning will cause the car to dip the nose. Spinning them up more by revving the engine will cause the vehicle to go nose-up. You can even generate some rolling along the long axis of the vehicle, if the engine is mounted transverse to the driving direction.

  12. VancouverCanucksRock

    Anyone who see this at 1:17, and still thinks this is a decent Game, IS AN ABSOLUTE CLOWN ASS MORON. You are also the reason why we haven't got a decent Monster Truck/Jam Game in ages….


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