Arnold Schwarzenegger’s UNIMOG Monster Truck! Action Star In Custom Mercedes Army Truck

EXCLUSIVE: Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t do small! The ‘Terminator’ star showed off his new giant Monster truck while out and about in Santa Monica.

The amazing truck cost a reported $250,000. The silver pick-up truck is a Mercedes-Benz Merex Mertec called a ‘UNIMOG’ which is the vehicle of choice for the German army.

The Monster truck has been modified to fit the roads of LA and has been customised by a German company called Mertec / Mertec. It even had a WARN 15000 winch attached to the front.

Arnie also shook hands with some other waiting fans before driving home! Get Outta the Way!

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26 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s UNIMOG Monster Truck! Action Star In Custom Mercedes Army Truck”

  1. Olaf van H.

    Wuahahah, Senior Citizin in a too big , Unimog.. and seeing the movie.. SENIOR CITIZIN all over it.. nah thnx.. don't care how ritch you are.. dont care about your movies.. dont bother me thnx!

  2. Sebastian m

    Unimogs are not “army” vehicles. The first Unimog was designed for agricultural use, with a PTO for farm implements. The Toyota Pickups in the Middle East are more army vehicles than the Unimog.

  3. Christopher Puls

    Schönes Universalmotorgerät ! Hat auch Planeten und Zubehör vielseitig , wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser ! Pilot aus der Stayermark mit Sinn für Bewegung 🙂

  4. Paul Simmons

    If you've got the money, you too can put around in a Unimog. Must be nice…
    I'm just glad I'm not paying the fuel bill which must measured in gallons per foot! That being said, if you can afford one one, you're not worried about filling it up! Go Arnold!

  5. Mark Fryer

    This is the short wheelbase Unimog, more like what German councils use for road side mowing and maintenance.
    The medium wheelbase is the preferred Army model and the Australian Army even had some 6 X 6 Unimog recovery tow trucks and dual cab driver instruction vehicles/ crew vehicles.
    Great trucks go anywhere, can even ford 1.2 m or 4 ft of water with the only preparation being turning on the 4 X 4 selector switch.


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