Car and Driver went to Monster Jam University to learn how to jump a 12,000-pound 1500-horsepower monster truck. Apparently when a bunch of ‘roided-out trucks with 66-inch tires and alky big-blocks start popping wheelies, you’ve got to set some ground rules.

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18 Responses to “At Monster Jam University, You Learn How to Get Big Air in 1500-HP Trucks”

  1. Tater Cake

    What is this new thing with monster jam saying they’re “12,000 lbs”. They’re not 12,000 lbs, they’re 10,000 lbs. that’s been known forever.


    The whole fitness thing makes me laugh. While they're riding the wheelers and the sxs they're expending 10x more energy in a single lap than during an entire freestyle. Not to mention, there's very little chance of getting injured in a modern rig unless your onboard fss fails. 28" of plush travel. Compare that to the 4" of rock hard leaf spring setups on early rigs. Skilled dtivers, yes, but they're sure as shit not athletes.

  3. Brian Hebert

    Monster Jam University (and the Triple Threat Series) runs on bad ninja movie standards IMHO. Are you a millennial? Are you a hipster? Are you a hip youth group minister? Are you a background actor in Truth anti-smoking PSAs? Are you a high school cheerleader? Are you a so-called "SJW"? Are you a bodybuilder? Are you related to someone involved in motorsports? Then you too can be a monster truck driver!

  4. Robert White

    like a turtle on its back. Ezra is cool built well and I live in Illinois so just for the experience I will be sending my transcripts to the MJU-MONSTER JAM UNIVERSITY! HA


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