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ATV Dune Riding Accident
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22 Responses to “ATV Accident – Rider Flips Quad Bike”

  1. TheCrownlessKing

    I went to the Sand dunes in Coos Bay, Oregon and I was driving the Kawasaki 700 and I went to fast up the hill and I fell off and the quad bike fell on me I jus got my middle finger poped out of place, bruised forehead, messed up neck, right leg, and left ribs. Without equiptment other than a helmet

  2. Nick Neal

    I had the smallest crash and I broke my arm in 3 places and believe it or not, bent it in another place. Didn't break, bent it. It doesn't take much to get hurt on one of these, it doesn't have to be a high speed flip a million times crash to break a bone


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