Check Out: “Crazy Angry People vs Riders | [Season 7, Ep.14]” –~–
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00:10) Rachael Hallack – dirtbike face-plant –
00:22) COwheelieboy – Terrifying dirt bike crash!!!! Nearly hit by car!!! MUST SEE!!! –
00:24) Chris Abriani – Dirtbike stack –
00:42) Matt Acton – Crf150r hard crash –
1:07) Steve Miller Jr. – Bodatious ATV Racing Crash Yamaha YFZ450 Miller ATV –
2:24) Let’s Ride U.S.A – TABLETOP CRASH –
2:50) ORUDEN / Enduro – La TaillHard Xtrem 2017 / L’enfer du Cantal ! Hard Enduro –
2:59) COwheelieboy – Funny dirtbike wheelie crash –
3:08) Maxxis – Milestone mx dirt bike crash (ktm 125sx) –
3:30) urban hillbilly – Brutal atv crash into tree! –
3:47) Dakota Carter –   Dirt bike fail –
3:55) Evann Niesen – Crashed It! –
4:11) WheelsKiller – NEW BIKE | ANGRY GUY | ANGRY FORESTER | CRASH | FAIL | Yamaha YZ 250 F –
4:54) Direct Motocross – Dakota Alix Crash at the KTM Supercross Test Track –
5:05) Alaskan dual sport – 14 year old crashes motorcycle –


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All clips in this video are only intended for educational purposes and as learning tool for riders. Ride safe – KR


41 Responses to “ATV & Dirtbike Fails you gotta see 2018”

  1. Tammy Forbes

    Last guy has no idea how to ride. He tried to do a long low jump setting down. He should have been in the ass off he seat with knees bent position and obviously on the gas more cause he nose dived bad. Just leave the jumps to the pros if that’s all you can do.

  2. Matthew Lewis

    It's nice to know that there are people on the track (wether it be riders or workers) that give a shit enough to help some one out when they see they are down. Restores a little faith in me that there are still good people out there.

  3. jack suquett

    First crash- When the dude crashed, did someone say, "Ohhh…." with the actual dude who crashed finishing the statement off with, "Fuck…"? Cause that's kind of amazing if you think about it. Not only did he eat it pretty hard, but he was also able to put that traumatic experience behind him in midair in order to make a pretty cool vid till the very end. Well Actually, what I did just bring up was pretty amazing, but the most impressive thing, was him doing a front flip 2 ft in the air, after kissing his front tire, with no helmet, and 1 shoe on! Dude needs to get fuckin signed immediately!!!!

  4. Mike Wasko

    The one where he said he's going to try this line had an obvious kicker in it ..coukd have told you what was going to happen with out even watching..and why do you fools insist on tear assing though wooded areas ? Got stupid writin all over it ..on rock or stick out of place and you will need to get a serious dental plan


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