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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. Is it me or is every other quad that wrecks on here a Yamaha raptor?

  2. 4 wheelers are so shit even the crash videos are shit

  3. I was riding a thin trail on my crf 230 and I nicked my front tire on three made me crash so I got up and stared blaming it on demons lol😂🤣

  4. The first one was wheelie angry

  5. Why do they do a slow mo version after wards? we get it, you crashed. Big whoop.

  6. Интересно что
    Он кричал 0:3

  7. Интересно что он кричал 0:12

  8. 🖒🖒🖒😂😂😂😂😂😂 kai ego ta eidia patneno

  9. Head phones in at the start your gonna go death and manz needs to slow down a bit with his language I went death

  10. These guys are dumb as fuck lmao

  11. 3:19 same shit happened to me last week😂

  12. So many wtf moments but my favorite was guy loading the quad in the van. He was actually thinking about jumping the quad into the back of a van plus it had no ramps and he was on the level ground WTF!

  13. Miałem podobnę sytuację jaka była na początku odcinka heh

  14. some of these are pretty funny, but damn some people don't know what they are doing lol

  15. I like the solid 5 seconds of bleeped cursing at the start

  16. these people I can ride better than all of them

  17. I farted on my soda while watching thiz 🙂

  18. it's that moment that they knew they fucked up

  19. Wow did this video turn super gay and start sucking right at the 430 mark. You almost had it…………………almost

  20. wow are these people asshole and funny people

  21. nawet jawnie jeżdzą i są fajne tereny

  22. these people need to learn to ride a quad

  23. Can you subscribe to me I just subscribed to u

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