47 Responses to “ATV (Four Wheeler) Fun In The Snow ***FAIL***”

  1. Spokes

    Re-do this video with a Kawasaki Prairie/ Brute Force (600 or bigger), but grab the yellow "dif-lock" lever and spin counter-clockwise. It's a hoot! You'd swear you were time traveling they rotate that fast… Wouldn't be a good idea on anything but an icy surface though 😉

  2. CDTucker336

    I remember when back in 2000 our youth minister got a Polaris 400 sport 2 stroke. He let us ride it, but when he wasn't around we tore it up, jumped it ,did donuts. I even hit my own ruts and tipped it getting thrown off a few times!!! Man that was alot of fun, I was 14 at the time!

  3. Jhoney Chang

    reading the comments, jeez I cannot believe how cruel people are. Jeff, you're one of my favorite channels and i've been subscribed ever since i've made an account with youtube keep doing your thing! 
    p.s the video made me chuckle 

  4. Ricardo Gutierrez

    You're lucky,I thought it would be cool to come in fast and come in on a slide/skid and stop in front of the garage door,but i waited too long and went up on two wheels,panicked and tried to jump off so I wouldn't get pinned and wound up hitting the garage door and put a huge dent in it,just as my dad and mom were pulling into the driveway,my dad was pissed,my mom was scared that I was hurt and my neighbor (a pastor) yelled out "way to go numbnuts" this happened in 89,wish i had it on video to share…lol

  5. MrPingn

    Oh well. We all have those moments. I once was mowing the lawn and hit an outdoor faucet hidden by tall grass. CLANG! Followed by a small spout of water lol. Thought I was being clever by lowering the push mower onto the tall grass. Cutting it up slowly bit by bit. It was working. Put less stress on the engine. Just forgot where that faucet was. It was the first cutting after winter. I was so pissed at myself. Grumbled and stomped all the way to the main cut off valve.

  6. TS O'Day

    So funny! I thought you were going to roll but this was just as funny, the way you just slowly hit the garage, you could hear the siding crack!

  7. The Man With No Name

    I was expecting you to flip it and roll it 23½ times, then it blow up into 7694 pieces then you walk home quietly and smoke a cigar on your front porch and then say in a silent voice ( that was unfortunate)

  8. Jesse Sisolack

    You look like a stereotypical Eastern European terrorist with that mask on while driving an ATV, haha. Anyway, sounded like a small crack. I am sure it will not be too hard to fix. When you are playing, sometimes stuff gets broken.

  9. GRiLL

    Well jeff, yesterday i decided to turn my stereo off with a drumstick i was balancing between two fingers. Seems i broke the casing behind it and the button is stuck inside the thing.

    Gonna have to upen that thing up and try to fix it.

    Point being: we all do stupid shit every once in a while. You keep rocking on my good man, greetings from austria!

  10. Greg

    Haha damn man that sucks!!! My car is Stick and went to warm it up one morning and thought it was in Neutral but it was in first and did the same thing !!! it is really funny though thx for posting!


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