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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. Look at all these cops telling him to wear a helmet. Its his life are you his lovers?. Nothing wrong with the Grizzly mine goes almost anywhere nimble for a big 4×4 you need to know what your doing that's all.

  2. know what's funny… he's not wearing a helmet.

  3. The real cause are those gay ass fender flares, them things act like plane wings lifting that front end up! Stupid city boy don't want to get dirty and don't know how to ride!!!! Lol I would have done what he did in reverse in the dark and came out unhurt!!

  4. It IS dangerous look at how tall the ride is and how narrow the quad itself is. Wide low ride quads like the rincon are safe. I know my atv stuff i've been driving them since the first models came out. I'm not trying to be captain know it all, reckless driving causes accidents but the more safe the quad the more unlikely

  5. Most dangerous ATV?…omg hahaha. If you cannot drive a ATV, then it's not the ATV's fault. And dont try to be a big hero now, and say that you are the trailking or whatever….. But i have to agree with the helmet part 🙂

  6. well just like street bikes …. its not if you wreck its when. I love how the feller got to the bottom of the hill and did the ol walk it off.

  7. Wear a helmet always. sincerely, every rider ever

  8. This is what is going to happen when you drive the most dangerous atv (grizzly) in a gravel pit. Btw where is his helmet?

  9. Those gay ass fender flares caught to much air!!!

  10. Spend money on a cargo box but not in a helment wtf!!

  11. im a bigger guy and i can out ride any public wanna be rider out there ben ridin for 10 years or more competed in the annual raceway event 6 years in a row and won every time

  12. Pretty sure he deserved that. 4×4 quads are rolling hazards as is under normal conditions but add a fat guy and him showing off=failure

  13. That must have hurt like a son of a gun

  14. That is a Utility fourwheeler not a quad

  15. Good thing he spent all that $ on a cargo box and not a helmet!!! Dumb shit get a lid!

  16. @bonerinabag321 ACTUALLY…. lol

  17. No helmet…..what a dumbass!!

  18. runs away and yells back "im ok" wft

  19. ill agree with bonerinabag321….but the japanese thought of that,as most atvs are bought by the americans anyway,so they made tough and durable,and long

  20. HELMET LAWS ARE RETARDED! If you know how to ride you don't need one. Unfortunately we are required to wear them here in ny

  21. Ow!!!!!!!!!!!! That ought to hurt!

  22. @StevenSmithxxz because dieing people cause us to lose riding land and eventually the machines altogether ( 3 wheeler anyone?)

  23. @StevenSmithxxz i bet u dont were a helmet then huh? lol

  24. Grace will make you fat useless suahsuashaushahsuahsuasasa

  25. what did he say when the bike was on top of him ?

  26. Save the bike call the mechanic

  27. Next time wear a HELMET … Seriously

  28. it´s funny beacuse hi´s fat

  29. hahaha,quad will need some paint.

  30. Holly shit man where is your helmet??? hope nothing was bent too bad on the quad. Great video!!!!! take a look at some of mine and leave a comment

  31. @titanNzj well you could put spacers and put 27'' by 10 or 12 and then it would not be so tippy as it comes stock ,, death trap

  32. press 6 over and over!!! LOL!

  33. @rich232399 not if you know how to ride one. never rolled mine.

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