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These clips are for educitional purposes only, be careful when you drive, always wear protective gear when you ride!!!
These are not my videos, i only make compilations , thanks to the guys who recorded them. Please do not OFFEND the authors of these footages ! Here is some of their instagram profiles : r.o.l.l.crawlers… sxs.video_… Dirt ObseXXion… And my instagram


43 Responses to “Atv win fail 2”


    Every last one of these assholes needs their heads caved in. Without exception, every one of these scenarios could have been avoided with a very small bit of common sense.

  2. Im 99.9% BATMAN

    The one with the red sport quad where he's going through the big Culvert that's at the Badlands off-road park my uncle did the same thing but ended up upside down and he totally disappeared and he said it was so deep when he did it that he felt his head hit the ground he was still holding onto the handlebars when he was upside down in the water he came up screaming whooo hoooo let's do that again


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