The nights are below freezing now. It was -6c last night. Today it was only +6c so the ground is getting harder. Much of the water is gone and what is left still had ice on it at 2pm lol. Those first few runs were much fun. Lookin’ forward to rippin’ in the snow with this bad boy :o) It’s possible there may be another mud run, depending on temps and wether or not we get more rain in the plus temps.
Other Dead Ahead vids…


16 Responses to “Axial SMT10 Mega Truck "Dead Ahead" Last mud run for 2016”

  1. James Sadler

    last question what esc are you running and will any 3500kv motor be the same as the hh 3500kv motor. I rather not spend $150 on a motor that I'm gonna throw in the mud unless I absolutely have to. I was hoping for a cheaper set up with the same power

  2. sp192x

    I can't tell you how much I like watching this truck. This should be marketed this way. Looking forward to snow vids

  3. olllo McCall

    Tell me we will see that bad boy sling some snow this winter. Something tells me that truck will really stand out in pure white snow! email me! I know you got some good advice to offer on a Wraith build I'm putting together, not to mention an extra part or two for it to sell.


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