Thanks to the Wallington Fire dept for working with us for the Last 3 years getting this Awesome Footage for you all to see !!! WOW That’s a Truck LOL Heath has one Bass ass Chevy Good Luck Heath threw out your years of mudding man hope someday will see you again up North at one of Your Mud runs in Your Area Next year is a Whole Norther Schedule for us so again Be good be Happy and keep the Kids going my Brother..Check out more videos like this one at our website at


28 Responses to “BAD ASS MONSTER Mud Truck 1941 Chevy 911 Mud Run Bog & Grog”

  1. 007TruthSeeker

    Thanks for posting this video. Heath won the crowd with his determination and that tough, powerful and rugged monster truck, I must say. Listening to a well tuned engine roaring as it powers something like his truck through extremely difficult mud quickens the pulse, lifts the spirit and brings a smile to our faces, every time. Rock on.

  2. Jayskiallthewayski

    How come they're ain't more vids of this truck on the net, I tried looking for it but aside from yours and one other, nada.
    These guys don't have a channel or something, it's badass.

  3. TheOutlawVideoSS

    @DanielRemains Thanks We been to this event so many times we know what to do when were there and worked with the Fireman for the last 3 years getting this footage to support them


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