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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. The clip of the guy riding the green kawasaki quad is at a place called st Joe state park I think. I ride there all the time

  2. Sometimes at night when the moon is full there is a strange guy around my mailbox and it's so weird cause the dogs dont bark but the cats meow and kinda growl and hiss. If it rains everything gets wet and if you touch it while its wet you will get wet too. And acid is good.

  3. are helmets to much money for some

  4. atv chalana mere se sekho barvai

  5. Woooooo! What you do to save face when you're hurt like hell and embarrassed.

  6. Looks like Mike sustained a TBI.

  7. I like the Chest Compressions at 1:30 ….

  8. 3:52 those friends or parents don't seem too worried

  9. Mike! Mike! You ok?! Let me shake you just in case you have a neck injury!

  10. Wow hope that guy who fell backwards on the trail after crashing his four wheeler is okay!?!?

  11. The guy that bottoms out at 4:15

  12. Who said ATVs can't do sports

  13. Don’t move them. Unless there on fire on under water don’t move them. The spinal cord is fragile.

  14. I wanna know what happen to mike!

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