Barack Obama was caught on tape expressing his view on americans, he said “they get bitter, they cling to their guns or religion or antiphaty to immigrants”

John Murtha (D) congressman from Pennsylvania first said that his voters were “racists”, when asked to explain what he mean he said that “they are rednecks”. Thank’s John Murtha for explaining what you think about the people who voted for you.

John Murtha is the same person who falsely claimed that american soldiers in Irak had committed a warcrime. That proved to be a false allegation but Murtha never apologized.

By the time the falsehood was proven wrong the news was cabled to all media in the world who reported “the warcrime” as a fact.

The damage Mr. Murtha caused to America and its reputation in world is beyond repair. The false allegation is now channaled in every hate-america blogsite in the world as a proven fact since one of the highest representatitves in the US, Mr. Murtha had said so on TV.

Voters can now put Mr. Murtha in a retirement hme where he belongs, let hope he can get good care there. Vote for William Russell to take Murthas place in the US Congress.

Barack Obama’s thinks nearly the same as John Murtha.

Combining all known facts about Obama we must conclude that the only relationships he had the last 20 years has been with radicals, terrrorists, marxist, islamist radicals, hate-america priests and corrupt chicago donors, etc.

If Barack Obama get along so well with these people, how much do they have in common? Give that some thought before you vote.


12 Responses to “Barack Obama and John Murtha thinks americans are rednecks.”

  1. Daniel Bolmgren

    As much as I don't like Obama for the Drone program, this actually has merit. Americans, in general, DO have a very xenophobic apathetic, selfish worldview. Of course, there are many great Americans who do not. But of course, that is not who is being spoken about. He is just as much of an American as the people he describes. We are all in this together. Let us unify under love, and not be controlled by fear mongers and deceivers of Man. UNITE!

  2. redneckboe721

    Yall are pretty retarted..because we are all not white trash…if your white and your from the south you have a redneck…people don't understand a damn thing…everyone thinks they kno everything about other people but here is a hint boe I plow fields for a living from all the 22 farms in my small town probley feeds half the united states of america…so say we got no hope get a fucking life dipshits

  3. Natasha Bakunda

    Why dont republicans (only the hate-filled ones) realize that they are slowly destroying the country that they love so much.
    Faux TV is the bane of the USA… how is all this hate spewing helping anyone?

  4. Stefan Isaia

    boohoo… America is bases on racism… anything a person says is always twisted by the opposition… talk shit abut the opposition. Nice morals.

  5. Philip Beam

    I don't support Obama's stance at all. Though, this video is pure shit. Seriously. I think the clearest word was the last one. Also, learn to correctly name your videos. "pretty much called them rednecks". Fucking waste of time


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