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Monster Jam Opening Weekend 2016 –
Des Moines, Iowa
Wells Fargo Arena
Saturday Night Show, 7:30 PM 1/2/2016

I want to say great effort from the teams at this show. A lot of trucks experienced breakage and everybody managed to get back together to run, a truck in 2wd or 3wd is better than being short a truck. Major kudos on this end, otherwise this could have been a 5 truck show at night’s end.

This is the Winning Freestyle run from Saturday night. Devin Jones in Barbarian put on a good show and definitely deserved the Freestyle win. Devin was positioned next to last (prior to Gravedigger) for each of his runs during the night, a big sign in my opinion that Monster Jam thinks highly of Barbarian.

Can’t say that I am a huge fan of the “center lump” for arena shows. Makes combo moves nearly impossible and the air just isn’t big any more. As a fan of big air, and understanding what big air is in an arena environment – I may think twice about next year’s show.


2 Responses to “Barbarian Winning Freestyle – Monster Jam Des Moines, Iowa Wells Fargo Arena 1/2/2016”

  1. Bailey Ohrt

    In the description you mentioned you disliked the track, but what are our other options? The last decade of indoor arenas has been 2 rows of cars and maybe a central van crush.


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