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new blz pack! new insane stuff! (mostly just bugfixes actually)


Q: (for livestreams only) DRIVE MAX D!!!!! PLEASE !!!
A: band

Q: How do I update to CRD 1.16?
A: https://youtu.be/qufUUdpVqLo

Q: Where do I find the CRD mod, the CRD Addon Pack and BeamNG Forum Discussion tab?
A: https://youtu.be/0iLqHlMFpRc

Q: Where do I find more trucks and tracks?
A: https://youtu.be/Y7ZjvuQrNuk

Q: How do I add Nitrous to my Monster Truck?
A: https://youtu.be/P_GPcq1QIV4

Q: How do I enable/tune/keybind Independent Rear Steering to my Monster Truck?
A: https://youtu.be/4IlpQ1ZyNcM

Q: When will (insert truck name here) be released?
A: probably eventually.

Q: Do I have a Discord Channel?
A: ye: https://discord.gg/NP97CND

Q: How do you have all those trucks?????
A: I have an old development version of the mod.

Q: how did you get that?
A: I try to keep backups of all versions of the mod.

Q: Can I have it??? Pls?
A: As far as the eye can see, the answer is…”no”.

Q: why do you get to have it then?
A: Because I’m a (super self-proclaimed) bug tester.

Q: why isn’t it publicly available?
A: because of a past issue with people not receiving the right credits.

Q: what?
A: what?

Q: Can you do (insert truck name here)???
A: Maybe probably. I Don’t make the truck though. So no promises. Like at all.

Q: you don’t make the truck???
A: nope. I just do stupid videos of it. FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL is the lead developer of it.

Q: that makes no sense! How come you get to have access to all the developer versions??
A: lol idk.


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