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Thursday, April 18th, 2019

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  1. Lo más irrealista que vi en beamng xd

  2. How do you get the grave digger mod?

  3. Grave digger the legend looks nothing like the real one

  4. Nice to see people still play RoR

  5. if u play mtd game boy you are awsome

  6. can you send me a link to were you get the map

  7. Do YOU guys have any suggestions for future trucks to get destroyed?? Let me know!

  8. First off, nice work man! And second, when can we download it? Grave Digger's my favorite. I want to use him so bad!

  9. Is there a world finals 17 map?? I downloaded one that I saw along with another one but neither of them gave me a map. Rather just took a spot in my documents lol.

  10. Will it be released soon

  11. Can you not make monster tracks due to copy right

  12. Are all of these grave diggers available on beam ng drive or are certain ones given to people in certain groups on beam ng drive

  13. I know the first three were but we're the other paint jobs real like the Christmas one and stuff

  14. no orange digger? Or is it in wip

  15. When will grave digger be released

  16. there's always broken bits everywhere when I drive the truck

  17. Awesome! Congrats on 11k subs!

  18. can i have this track and the grave diggers or just the track is fine

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