45 Responses to “Beast Sears Diesel on its first run with Maine Mud Mower”

  1. Michael

    no turning my riding mowers into mud mowers, they cut grass thats it, i will reduce the back pully some but thats it. WASTE OF MOWERS.

  2. EagleTalons1

    watching riding mowers with good working transmissions easily going through those trails makes me sad cause I have a Huskee with a p.o.s. one gear belt drive trans. that barely goes on dry grass. 🙁

  3. trike rider

    It would be nice to see these off road mowers doing something besides driving through water or mud. Is that all they're good for? The video was shot very well, and the machine looks great, but I'm B O R E D..

  4. renzoku163

    Been waiting very anxiously to see that thing in action! About dang time its more impressive than I thought wish it were mine and you keeping up with the awesome job! Featless needs to hurry up and get his videos loaded

  5. Creepycrawler

    Looks like a good time, I have a question though, do your front tires have bushings or bearings or are they just riding on the spindle metal to metal?

  6. RedneckComputerGeek

    I hope your swapping to a peerless and not using that mtd single speed. I have seen enouph pics of them blown up on my facebook group to know they just wont hold up to the big tires and pulley swap. LOL Big thanks for the support and glad you liked our romp


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