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Boats are great! They are not only a mode of transportation but also provide a great way to enjoy a hot summer day on the lake or in a bay. But this is AFV, so when we celebrate something, we do it right with a FUNNY FAILS COMPILATION and that’s why we present to you today, BEST BOAT FAILS 2018. Give it a healthy view and be sure to SHARE THIS NEW VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE!

What’s your favorite boat fail in today’s video? Is it the little boy who DOESN’T QUITE MAKE IT TO THE RAFT at 7:31? How about the person YANKED FROM THE BOAT at 8:37? Our favorite is easily the group of women holding the bunting and FALLING INTO THE WATER at 8:43! Tell us your faves IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to AFV on YouTube!

Best Boat Fails 2018 | Funny Fails Compilation

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32 Responses to “Best Boat Fails 1 | AFV Funniest Videos Compilation 2018”

  1. Caroline Mole

    I find water ones funny because there's not much chance of getting hurt, but I like bloopers from news and programs best. They're usually comical.

  2. Sally Face

    4:00 jѧċҡ ṡʟıԀıṅɢ ıṅ ṭȏ ɢєṭ ṭһє ẇȏṃєṅ єѧяṅıṅɢṡ(ȏṅʟʏ ṭяȗє ғѧṅṡ ҡṅȏẇ ѧɞȏȗṭ ṭһѧṭ ƿѧяṭ ıṅ ƿıяѧṭєṡ ȏғ ṭһє ċѧяıɞɞєѧṅ)

  3. Cesar Gallegos



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