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Best OCR Foot Care – How to take care of your feet for an obstacle course race, marathon, mud run. road race, or a hike. Protect your feet with the right socks and right pads, cream, and tape. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

Check out what the OCR Kings have to say about Trail Toes, Leukotape, Injinji, Under Armour, and more OCR gear.


16 Responses to “Best OCR Foot Care”

  1. Jason Huber

    Love the vids, great info from a different angle. The book “fixing your feet” is a great resource for foot issues. My right foot is 1/2” bigger than the left, and at size 14 it is near impossible to find shoes that both fit and work in an OCR, so all of mine up till now have been barefoot. Doing an hh12hr and ultra back to back so I am eating up your vids trying to glean as much info as possible before I race next. If you guys make it out to hawaii I’ll see you on the course!!!

  2. Shifty

    I'm running my first Beast next month. Problem is it's my first time going that far with that elevation. Only way to find out your personal issues with feet is to suffer through the learning curve I guess. I had no problem with the Super. I did lose a toe nail on the tough Mudder but I think it was cause of the shoes I wore. Welp. Only one way to find out how to prepare in the future is to just go get it lol

  3. Fit Desk Jockey

    I use to apply LeukoTape to people in physical Therapy. Its good stuff for foot care, but can rip skin off if its applied anywhere else without Coverall underneath it.

  4. superckn7

    Got by first hot spot/pre-blister on ball of left foot in a 10 mile training run the other day: will get the leukotape as directed: RnMT

  5. Jay and Vicky

    We love your videos! We are preparing for a Spartan super and your videos have helped us tremendously! New sub and two new fans. Thanks for all the great information, guys! ❤️❤️

  6. bigcatwcu

    You should try Zentoes. I have used them on a Super, Beast, & my Tahoe Ultra and they are great & reusable. Hand wash them & add baby powder for the next use. I got 3 races out of 1 pair just FYI. Just my 2 cents worth.


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