Slips, Trips and Falls. Best of 2015 atv fails and Highlights. This Video is put together for our subscribers. Thank you guys and I hope you get all the mods on your wishlist this year. We had a great year. Rode some new trails with some new groups. We have some new badass builds happening so the 2016 season should be epic.

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12 Responses to “Best of 2015 ATV Fails and Epic Moments (Holiday Edition, NOS-Atvs)”

  1. Kyle Fitzgerald

    Man I can't wait till next season! Getting an xmr 850. Look's like you guy's had a great/funny season. Can't wait to see your next, keep up the video's and anything big happening next year? New part's to the gade or scrambler? Also have a very Merry Christmas guy's!


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