Here are some highlights of BIGFOOT #20 doing the first ever electric monster truck car crush!

Some of the footage may not be owned by BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc., but used by permission of the owner(s) of the footage. Therefore, use of any of the footage here can only be done with the express prior permission of BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc.


39 Responses to “BIGFOOT #20 – First Electric Monster Truck Car Crush”

  1. Trey Hildesheim

    Great, now eco friendly democrap libtards can like MTs now… jkjkjk haha lol :p Tis Still a neat concept and can only imagine the future potential of this tbh, but the sound of a BBV8 just cant be beat! But I wonder how a Powerstroke or Cummins "Supped up" Bigfoot would do? Would genuinely love to drive or race for you one day! Been a fan since I was a kid and still til this day and forever will be! m/

  2. Andrew Acosta

    Pretty neat to hear all the crushing without the roar of a big block, has some good torque as well. Won't catch on for the sport. People LOVE the deafening roar and the intoxicating fumes. Cool project, though.

  3. JC Journey

    electric car is super powerful. you will know that if you drive one.  the torque will shock you. it feels like having a gas engine running in high RPM at anytime when you step the pedal.


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