This is video of the very first monster truck car crush ever. The stunt was performed by Bob Chandler in the very first monster truck ever, BIGFOOT #1! Notice the lumber in the bed of the truck bouncing around, as Chandler was in construction when this video was shot in April of 1981.

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36 Responses to “BIGFOOT®/Bob Chandler – First Monster Truck Car Crush Ever”

  1. CatFuzz71

    I have doubts as to whether this was the first car crush by Big Foot. I saw Big Foot in person at the Kingdome in the early 80's at a truck and tractor pull and he was doing it very slowly and very carefully.

  2. joseph sloppy

    Cool video I watched this truck pull a pull sled at San Diego sports arena. Just as it looks. I have the kodack moment still. Bob did know how to use the go pedal

  3. Thunder 230MPH

    Hey, bigfootoriginal, I have a question for you: Did Bob Chandler keep the 66" Firestone tires on the truck all the time, or did he occasionally still use the 48"s as well?

  4. Brute 1985

    Thank you bob Chandler thank you jim Kramer for making this all what it became and wish Bigfoot would join monster jam..I pretend blue thunder is Bigfoot

  5. mibars

    Hard to believe that this is where all monster trucks started from, nowdays one would think "meh, another lifted truck".

  6. FordMaverickFanatic

    That's awesome, I want to build one just like it in this form! I know Thunder Beast, a 76' F-250 Monster Truck from back in the day on 54's was street legal, but it required a special liscense to drive and it couldn't be driven at night…

  7. Chris Lengyel Magic

    they need to do a show somewhere with all the ORIGINAL trucks. Can you imagine the roster looking like this: Bigfoot, Carolina Crusher, Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Grave Digger (classic), Boogey Van, Wild Foot, G-Force, Taurus, Overkill
    That would be the best show ever

  8. Jon Cannon

    1st of all that crush started all of this Monster Truck Madness that we all know and love
    And 2nd this only has 88,000 views for the first car crush EVER I assumed it would me in the 1,000,000-10,000,000 video view range


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