Here is Dan Runte in BIGFOOT #16 from Norwalk, OH on September 25, 2010. He breaks the monster truck speed record twice, once on Friday, and then breaks his own record again on Saturday with an eighth mile speed of 86.56 MPH at 7.85 seconds. This is Saturday’s race against Rodney Tweedy in BIGFOOT #10.

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41 Responses to “BIGFOOT Monster Truck World Speed Record”

  1. manga12

    Eh huh? Monster trucks on an actual dragstrip, I heard of the straight line car crush races of the past but that was on dirt and mud, never saw them on an actual dragway, and they can run 2wd i thought it was 4x4x4 all the time no other choice, they can switch it out?

  2. Aaron Nelson

    @bigfootoriginal Andy Brass was my favorite driver for the longest time. I remember when Bigfoot 8 got banned after taking the year off and coming back with new tech. I was heart broken.

  3. ztwntyn8

    wow! 7.85…. damn that's gettin it. I saw one run that was in the high 9's and thought my bird would whip that's ass and this 7sec run has me in check lol I know…. apples and oranges 3800lbs vs 10000lbs if that's acurate but man, I didn't expect that.


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