35 Responses to “Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks – Episode 27 – Snag the Flag”

  1. CEO100able

    Come on young monster trucks, can't you see and understand how shy Forbie is from the start?

    2:12 – Not that "Hurry up!" nonsense again; it sounds like Little Tow and the other trucks sometimes try and do anything to speed their friends up even new and/or shy ones.

    3:13 – I can't make out what these characters are whispering.

    6:10 – Holy cow, I didn't know there was a mountain hazard at Crushington Park Elementary School! I'm not sure if Big Wheelie was aware of it. As the chief from the PC version of Lego Rock Raiders would say, "A landslide has occurred!"

    6:24 – How strange; these young trucks can't even climb and drive over those rocks.

    7:34 – Looks like Big Wheelie is worried about something, but whatever it is, I guess he never found out about it in this episode.

    8:20 – Oh no, not another dangerous hazard!

    9:02 – Great rescue, Forbie!

  2. Valerie Feathers

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  3. Nuchanan Taechathanasiri



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