22 Responses to “Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks – Episode 28 – "Concrete Pete"”

  1. CEO100able

    0:48 – Looks like Sarge would like to try and break the jump record.

    1:02 – Are Sarge's brakes not strong enough or something?

    1:30 – Is it me, or does Big Wheelie look worried and/or upset briefly? I'm pretty sure Sarge didn't mean to damage that part of the fence.

    2:02 – These are cool cement monster trucks!

    2:51 – Uh-huh, but I still think Sarge was trying to break the jump record.

    3:32 – I wonder what downtown Crushington park is exactly like?

    5:00 – That's not a highway at all, that's a solid cement rock.

    5:20 – And that's not an egg either. I said "rock" anyway.

    5:58 – What's the hurry? Does José not care if Concrete Pete tells Meteor something even for a few seconds?

    6:12 – It seems like Junkboy keeps forgetting to close his trash compartment.

    6:26 – Great shortcut, Meteor!

    6:36 – Wow, that was fast.

    7:21 – I bet Big Wheelie did that later, but how?

    8:28 – Looks like most of Meteor's friends had fun in that cement!

    8:41 – Not it's not. It's a cement spill.

    9:18 – Awesome one-wheel wheelie attempt!

    9:26 – Oh no, not this again!

    9:41 – Holy shoot! Hopefully Big Wheelie understood the fact that the Crushington Park Elementary School sign was damaged and fell was an accident later on.

    BTW, I wonder how the damaged fence being fixed was coming along?


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